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Reading “The Great God Pan” by Arthur Machen – Book Covers and Illustrations – 1 Jan 2018

Yesterday I bumped into the title of an 1895 Gothic Horror novel “The Great God Pan” by Arthur Machen.  I had never encountered the title before, that I could remember.  I followed my current custom; I went to Wikipedia and found an entry for the work. I looked at the index for the entry and found ‘external links’ and then followed links to a free text of the work at Project Gutenberg, and a free audio book of the work at Librivox.  The Librivox reading was excellent – a professional quality effort by Ethan Rampton
I noted that the work was a short novella, so I began to listen and read the work immediately.  I was lying on my bed propped up with pillows and under the blankets for warmth the sun goes down early on cold winter nights.  I had tired of random videos on Youtube and watched enough science fiction on Netflix.  I wanted a good story.  I needed something different. 

I delved into Arthur Machen’s story of “The Great God Pan.”  The first scene has an overconfident scientist from 1890 doing brain surgery on an unsuspecting woman.  My fair lady, indeed.

I had the 17 inch screen laptop computer on a bedside rollup stand.  The text was large and clear on Gutenberg.  I listened along with the Librivox audio.  I scrolled down as the narrative progressed.

When I was about three quarters of the way through I was sleepy and rolled over and stopped reading the text and let the voice tell me the story as I drifted off to sleep.  I read another chapter without audio when I woke up.  How nice to have access to large type.

If I had to buy all the old books I read online in a large text format – I’d need a lot more shelf space.  I have lots of books in my house, but I read lots of different books online and don’t have to store anything.  I do pay $100 a month for fast internet.  The internet access I have gives me access to more books than I could ever read, or begin to store and catalogue physically.  My own library is a hit or miss jumble of works that are not alphabetized or systematized in almost any way except height or publisher.  I do have collections, classics illustrated, Great Books, that are together as a set.  I have a large collection of Dover Classic line art books also.  But even those collections, while together, are not alphabetized or categorized.  So, maybe I am better off going online to find literary works and great books.

The internet access allowed me to find a several dozen pictures and book covers from “The Great God Pan” and make a slide show and then a video with sound on Youtube.  Anyone in the world might access the visual I made and become acquainted with the book “The Great God Pan.”  I leaned something yesterday, and I share it with the world today.




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