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World Reach – Places Where Someone Has Clicked on Posts on This Blog Site – Xenagogue Vicene – 5 Nov 2018

Sometimes, minutes after I have posted an article, someone on the other side of the globe reads the article.  ‘What hath God wrought?’ was the first message sent over the telegraph wires in the US. The map below shows where people are who have clicked to this blog in one 24 hour period.  When I opened the map I was taken aback.  How can I communicate with people around the world so easily?  I know how…but still.

5 Nov 2018

I think of the board game Risk.  I need to attract some views from Africa.  South Africa has an English reading population…

I’ve had this blog for over five years, I think.  I was going to put my esoteric personal writing here.  I wanted to make a kind of novel in pieces that could be read in any order.  But I was not focused on posting here on WordPress.  One year, 2014 I think, I did not post a single thing.  I had a steady trickle of two or three views a day.  Some lost souls. 

But, lately I have been banned from so many sites and message boards where I liked to post topical news of the day.  I had a number of ‘subreddits’ on Reddit that I was the moderator of and main poster.  But, I was warned that I posted too much.  I was banned almost everyday from other subreddit topic threads.  Finally I was banned from Reddit completely without explanation.  I decided to use the WordPress website that I pay $99 a year for as the place where I would post the news and general interest stories that I came across and wanted to share with a broad, or narrow, audience.  So now I might be posting ten articles in a day.  Some of the pieces are written by me, most are not.  Some stories get a few views, and others get thousands.  I put links on Twitter and Reddit, and other sites to generate some traffic and publicize issues that I am interested in.  

What a thrill to see that I can interest people around the world.  I think of Christian Huygens who wrote: “The world is my country, science my religion.”


Update: Later on I got some views in South Africa, somehow. 

xena map


5 Nov 2018 6:07am

Xenagogue Vicene


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