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Oklahoma: Dead burglar’s family complained victim’s AR-15 rifle made the fight unfair

Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn, and Jake Woodruff

Three Masked Home Invaders Who Were Shot Dead While Breaking and Entering  – 27 March 2017

Three Oklahoma teens were fatally shot after police say they broke into a home in Broken Arrow and were confronted by the homeowner’s 23-year-old son, who had armed himself with an AR-15 rifle.

Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn and Jaykob “Jake” Woodruff, who range in age from 15 to 18 or 19, were killed in the botched burglary attempt, KOTV reports.

At around 12:30 pm the 23-year-old who was asleep at the time awoke to loud bangs coming from what seemed like was the outside of the house around the area of the glass door in the back. The son then proceeded to grab his AR-15 and took position ready to defend himself and his home. As soon as the intruders, who were all wearing black clothing, masks and gloves forced their way into the home and came down the hallway he opened fire. He fired three shots and hit all three intruders.  Two of the suspects collapsed and died in the kitchen, a third suspect managed to get out of the house but collapsed and died in the yard.

The homeowner’s son, identified in court documents as Zach Peters, was not injured. He is not facing charges and the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office said it appears he was acting in self defense.

A 21-year-old woman was arrested after she admitted to police she dropped the three teens off at Peters’ home and was supposed to be their getaway driver. Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, of Collinsville, told police she fled after hearing gunshots.



She was arrested on suspicion of three counts of felony murder. Felony murder charges can be brought against someone who commits a felony resulting in death in Oklahoma regardless if they actually kill someone, according to state law. Rodriguez was also arrested on three counts of first-degree burglary.


A 23-year-old man from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma made headlines this week when he shot and killed three teenage home invaders. The three teens had robbed the garage earlier that day, then returned to try the main house. They awoke Zach Peters, the homeowner’s son, who grabbed his AR-15 and defended himself against 3 armed and masked intruders. Max Cook, 19; Jacob Redfearn, 17; and Jake Woodruff, 16, were shot and killed. Cook’s 21-year-old girlfriend, get-away driver, and “robbery mastermind”

Elizabeth Rodriguez was arrested and charged with three counts of both first degree murder and burglary. Her murder charges come from the felony murder rule which charges anyone involved in a felony with murder if a death occurs during or due to the felonious act.

Now the family of one of the deceased criminals is complaining. They don’t believe it was fair that Peters was allowed to defend himself with an AR-15 when the criminals were only armed with knives and brass knuckles.

Leroy Schumacher, grandfather of Jacob Redfearn, says his grandson made a bad choice but didn’t deserve to die. “What these three boys did was stupid,” said Leroy Schumacher to ABC News. “They knew they could be punished for it but they did not deserve to die.”

Schumacher complains that it wasn’t a fair fight and his grandson didn’t have a chance to defend himself… while breaking into another man’s home and attempting to rob him. “Brass knuckles against an AR-15, come on, who was afraid for their life,” he continued.

Zach Peters has not, and will not be charged with a crime for a justified shooting of three armed intruders and Schumacher is furious. “There’s got to be a limit to that law, I mean he shot all three of them; there was no need for that,” said Schumacher.




An Oklahoma woman who drove her three friends to a burglary has been charged with murder because the homeowner killed her accomplices in self-defense.

The woman who says she drove three teenagers to an Oklahoma home where they were fatally shot during a midday break-in told television reporters that she feels guilty, but not responsible for their deaths and that she has little compassion for the man who shot them.Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, 21, is jailed without bond on murder and burglary warrants in Wagoner County for the deaths of Maxwell Cook, Jacob Redfern and Jakob Woodruff at the home just outside the city limits of the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow. The Wagoner County sheriff’s office says the three were between 15 and 19 years old.

Authorities have said the three were shot Monday by the homeowner’s 23-year-old son, who has not been arrested, and that each was found masked, dressed in black and wearing gloves. A knife and brass knuckles were recovered at the scene.

“I understand he (the son) protected his home,” Rodriguez told television station KOTV. “He had his rights.”

But she said he could have shot the three in the legs. “He’s at the bottom of my list to be compassionate for,” she said.

Apparently Rodriguez was unaware of the felony murder rule which generally states that if someone is killed while you are committing a dangerous felony you are guilty of murder — even if you had no intent to kill, you intentionally created a dangerous, illegal situation that resulted in death.



That’s the latest update I can find – perhaps she has not been brought to trial and is sitting in jail waiting for her day in court.




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