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Putin’s Passport Found at Massachusetts Gas Explosion Site (Boston Indymedia) 15 Sept 2018

Boston Indymedia – https://archive.is/9z4d0

Putin Passport

Boston MA: The worst fears of many of the most far sighted patriots was confirmed when the Anti-American Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s official passport was found in the town of Lawrence on Massachusetts North Shore.  The scene of multiple explosions and numerous home fires is now connected to Russia.   State Police investigators say the passport looks genuine and the fingerprints are being checked with the CIA’s database of world leaders.

Just when people thought that Russia couldn’t go any lower after stealing the 2016 election from H. Clinton this development deepens the plot.  Is there anything Putin and his Russian dictatorship won’t do to harm America and sow discord.  Russia sells gas, the late John McCain said that Russia wasn’t even a country, it was just a gas station.   So, the Russians have a motive to make American gas companies look bad.  The gas pipes in Lawrence just happened to be installed in 1917, the year Putin’s Soviet Revolution happened.  The pipes have worked perfectly for the last 101 years.  Why would they have problems now?  The US is trying to stop Russia’s Nord Stream II natural gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea.  Is this Putin’s personal way of telling the US to back off.


Putin on Fire Will it take a nuclear war with Russia to teach Putin a lesson.  America’s leaders are not afraid to start a nuclear war.  Liberals and Conservatives are united in wanting war with Russia – one man stands in the way.  Putin’s puppet – the president of the United States.  Were these explosions Putin’s message to Trump?  nuclear bomb

nuclear bomb 2


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