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Looking for Line Drawing Models to Draw in the Street

Thinking of some new drawing for the street with sidewalk chalk after being ‘liquidated’ from Imgur picture hosting site.  I like when the rain washes my drawings away.  I don’t like when a web platform censors me.  But, when I think about it, I don’t care.  I always thought these big companies where simply opening a window of opportunity for a time.  Reddit, or Twitter, or Youtube, or Facebook all give the illusion of a free democratic public square where happy advertisers provide the money to run the simple operation.  But they offered some freedom for some time.  Just as I can draw on the public street and almost always be left alone by the authorities.  But when they want to shut me down, when they want to stop me drawing….I’m sure there are laws.

As The Clash sang in “Know Your Rights” you have “The right to free speech (as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it)” Song video with lyrics (3:32 min)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e004RHFIxLg

As I was on break with Anne G I said that I had a vast empty street to draw on yesterday, but I had nothing in my head I wanted to draw.  The loss of an Imgur outlet to show my drawing to a wider audience prompted me to think of drawing more and posting more.  They can’t stop me so easily.  Repetitio studorium est mater!

So, with Anne G at my shoulder I typed ‘Line Drawing’ into the Startpage search engine.  These where the favorites we came up with.  She asked me to draw some of them right away, and I did one of a tomato.

I wanted enough to make a video slide show – about a dozen or more images.


I put these images into a slide show video –

Loading the 19 images onto this blog is interesting as the pictures were in the bulk loading media section and slowly came into focus one by one like flowers opening – the video just did the same as the image was blurred black and white and then came into its final display.

Now, to copy these drawings by hand onto paper and then go out onto the street and draw them with chalk while not being hit by a car.  Art can be dangerous on the mean streets of a big city.

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