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Banned from Imgur


(May Day Mona Lisa in Blue Sidewalk Chalk)


I’m not sure what I did exactly that caused my picture gallery on Imgur to be disabled.  I had a wide variety of pictures on the web platform for pictures and videos.  I think I was on for three, maybe four, years.  I had personal pictures of me in cosplay, pictures of demonstrations, political cartoons, dozens of images of Alice from Wonderland, and a large collection of the 1863 illustrations of the French book ‘The Earth Before the Flood.’  I suppose getting ceremoniously removed from Reddit as ‘FinnAgainsAwake’ and having many pictures from that Imgur account featured may have been a cause.  Reddit owns Imgur, or something like that.  I guess I’ll just have to figure out how to get back into my Deviant Art web platform account.


I missed Imgur when I looked at the empty street yesterday.  Like a vast blackboard the macadam called to me to use some chalk and draw some lines and….show something, imply something through as few lines as possible.  But when I had done street drawings in the past few months I usually took a picture and put the image on Imgur show my drawing to a wide audience.  I got thousands of views for a dozen or so drawings.



23 May 2018 004

24 May 2018 005

Barbie Boat

Image Rabbit Duck 20 May 2018

Below is a video of the illustrations from ‘La Terre Avant Le Deluge’ – The Earth Before the Flood’ – the 1863 French scientific popularization work that was a lavishly illustrated large format book.  I found the illustrations online and copied them and spent a weekend cleaning up the graphics.  I removed ink spots, stray pencil marks, water stains, et cetera.  I put all the images on Imgur.  I also made a video slide show.


I also used the video slide show as a video for an Intro Talk – Charles Darwin and the Origin of the Species (9:50 min)  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIbuq1q13rQ

So…what in all of this is a threat to Imgur?  Maybe it is deviant art…


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