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An Anal Sex Instruction Video I Made – by Shauna O’Dorothy (Adult Friendfinder) 6 Sept 2018

I had lots of audio tapes on my shelves that I had made over the years. I love audio books and had always liked using travel time on the subway train to and from work as a way to utilize the time wisely. I got lots of audio books and materials from the public library, and I bought some cassette tapes with audio books, but for some titles I had to make the audio myself. I found it was a great way to learn certain material for school, or work. The use of my own voice sometimes made the listening seem as if I was just listening to myself think.

I recorded a few articles about sexual material and decided to make a tape of a chapter from ‘The Joy of Sex’ on Anal Sex. I recorded the audio with sneezes and coughs and moving too loudly in my chair as I read – I could always edit the mistakes out later. After I made the tape I put it on a shelf and did not think about it for years.

When I was making lots of videos during a summer off when I wanted to learn how to use video editing programs and apps I made a number of audio tapes into videos. I simply took a generic video of a fireplace and put the audio track down on top of that. A person could watch the fire burning as they listened to the story, or minimize the video and just listen to the audio. I could put the audio books on You Tube and Daily Motion and other video share platforms even though they were more audio than video.

So I took out the Anal Sex audio cassette tape and played it through an old cassette player and then used an $8 microphone to record it as an Mp3 audio on the computer. I edited the audio to take out the mistakes and coughs. But I was distracted by something, and in a hurry and couldn’t wait for the computer to ‘save’ the audio file and video quickly. So I simply re-recorded the edited audio through the $8 mic. The sound was deteriorated, but since it was only voice I figured that was good enough. I posted the video on a few platforms and again forgot about the work. I used the video image of a burning candle as the visual. Simple, but effective enough, I thought. The video was not a visual demonstration.

A month or so later I went back to X – Tube an had thousands and thousands of views There were also two angry complaints about the audio quality and not being able to hear. “This is very important!” one commenter wrote angrily.

“Just go slow at first, and use lubrication,” is what I thought was the main idea of the video. Seems obvious, doesn’t it?

The video is on a number of sites and gets lots of views. I should fix the audio, but… who cares. The last I looked on X — Tube there were over 500,000 views of a candle burning while I read a chapter on how to put a prick in a behind.

Here is the ‘Anal Sex Guide’ on Youtube – https://youtu.be/TjRNXAlgPgI (21:55 min)


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