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Andrea Dworkin in Pictures – reductio ad absurdum…

Andrea Dworkin started out in college protesting the restrictions women students in school dorms had on over-night male visitors. Andrea Dworkin campaigned to allow women to have men in their rooms with the doors closed. Later she became a Women’s Liberation article writer, and then book writer. Andrea Dworkin became more and more puritan about sexual relations. She became a ‘radical feminist’ whose insights moved beyond simple equal pay and equal opportunity for women. Andrea Dworkin was getting to the root of the problems between men and women. There simply was no solution, as she saw it, but celibacy. She claimed that penetrative sex, such as a man’s penis in a woman’s vagina, was a personal invasion of the woman’s body. Andrea Dworkin eventually came to the logical conclusion that ‘all sex is rape.’

As one can see from the progression of photos of a relatively trim young Andrea Dworkin to the Women’s Lib denim bib wearing fatso, to the morbidly obese final form she created Andrea Dworkin did not think systematically about the threats to her body, or where they were coming from. She seems like something out of a parody, but, strange as she seems she got thousands and tens of thousands of people to take her ideas seriously and to read her books and articles. There is no surprise that she dropped dead before her time because of the way she treated her body while worrying about some half phantasized masculine danger. Reductio ad absurdum…

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