Faces in Line Drawing Land

I saw a sheet of faces in a councilor’s office.  People who could not express themselves with words might point at a picture to say how they felt.  Darwin, and many others, have written of the common human faces that are the same in all cultures.  A visual tendency that was around before language.

Rain in Boston – Looking out my back door

I skated on the street early yesterday morning.  I was looking up at the crescent moon just as the rain started to fall.  I could see the individual drops highlighted by the street light with the moon high above in a mist.  Later, as I sat at the kitchen table I heard the heavy rain in the trees looking out my back door.  Rain, rain, rain…

That ‘Boston Globe’ Cover…..

In the Spring of 1982 I went to this protest with Lisa.  She is at the center of the photo.  The next day at work in a print plant the son of the boss came up to me and pointed out my picture on the front of the Boston Globe’s ‘metro’ section.  Thirty three years later I go through thirty three photo shop filters.  Plus ca change?

Trilby – George Du Maurier

I read of the story ‘Trilby’ long ago.  I had become acquainted with the ‘Svengali’ effect some evil actors could have on people through examples in popular culture.  So I sought out this ‘lost’ classic that featured a vision of ‘artistic’ bohemian life and romantic longings for a girl with a beautiful voice who seemed hypnotized.  Once this romantic novel was more popular that Dracula, a work from the same time.  What did millions once find in this story?